Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

Contacting Samuel Green

Hello, I welcome your feedback, critique, and questions to all of my articles published on Answering Islam. You can send me an email here.

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And my book is   Where to Start with Islam.

   This book will help you know where to start with Islam in the key areas of what it means to love everyone, understanding what Islam teaches about Christianity, how to share the gospel with a Muslim, the incarnation, Trinity, salvation, and the cross. Each of these chapters has an accompanying evangelistic booklet that allows you to put the content of the chapter into practice. The book also assesses Muhammad as a prophet, answers the Muslim claims against the Bible, and gives you the relevant history you need to get started. A strength of the book is that it does not require you to remember lots of details about Islam but instead shows how the Bible and Christian theology speaks to Islam.

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