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Hisham's Testimony - Now I am a Full Believer in Al-Masih 'Isa

My name is Hisham. I am a Malay male. I first began to know Christians when I started working in the early  1990s. A Christian friend of mine shared his testimony of how he prayed for his mother who was very sick. After he prayed he mother was healed.

Through this friend of mine I saw the Injil for the first time. I saw that in the Injil there was `Allah' and I asked my Muslim friends. They told me me that the Christian Holy Book has the word "Allah". But the Al-Kitab does not show who that "Allah" is. From that day I said to myself if that is the teachings of Christianity, I will keep away from it.

A Roman Catholic friend of mine took his Bible along with him when he went into the toilet. So I thought that this person does not respect his Holy Book. His actions showed that as though there is noting meaningful in it.  I felt that way, because in Islam, the Al-Quran is respected.

After that I began to pay more attention to Islam. But inside me there were many questions: according to Islam, Al-Quran or the Word of God was holy because the book is believed to be from heaven, therefore anything that comes from heaven must be holy. If that is the understanding of Islam, therefore Isa-Al-Masih is also holy because according Hadis Anas bin Malik page 72: "Isa is truly the Spirit of God and His Word"

So I began to wonder, "Is Isa Al-Masih the Holy Spirit?". The Prophet Muhammad once asked Allah, he said : "O God. Who really is the Holy Spirit?" And God replied: "O Muhammad, to you is given only a little knowledge regarding the Holy Spirit. That is a matter which directly concerns Myself only."

Therefore, that verse shows that Muhammad does not know much about God's Spirit. But on the other hand, in Christianity there is much truth about the Spirit of God.

Since that day I began to study more about Tasawuf. I did this to find the truth. I wanted to get closer to Allah. In the mean time I also criticised the teachings of Christianity.

But one day, as I was looking at the Islamic calligraphy hanging on the walls of my house, I began to wonder: "Are all these true? What is the difference between Christianity and Islam?" That night as I was sleeping, I felt like as if some one was touching my hand and chest. I was aware of what was happening and I tried to free myself but I was held tightly. Then I woke up and asked: "What is this?" And I continued to sleep, but He came again. This time I could see His white robe but I could not see His face.

The next morning I went to see an ustaz (religious teacher) and told him that a man with a white robe visited me and held my hands and explained that he was Isa Al-Masih. The ustaz said that I was disturbed by satan and he prayed to cast away the jinn so that I would not be disturbed again. After that I went home.

After the isyak prayers that night, once again I heard a voice saying: "I am Isa Al-masih". After that I fell asleep on the prayer mat. Later on I felt as if someone woke me up, and I ran to my  room and started reading the Al-Quran until I fell asleep again. That night He came again and held my hands. From his clothes I could see the wounds that were bleeding. When I asked why His chest was bleeding , suddenly I felt my chest began to feel warm! At that point I smelt the fragrance of rose flowers. Then I woke up.

On the third night, He came again to me and He said: "I am the way out for you". After that experience, I contacted a Church and asked them regarding what I experienced. They told me what I had experienced could be either from satan or even from God Himself. Then I telephoned another church and they advised me to get baptised. Later I called another church, they told me to wait for a week. Finally a church leader came and met with me. When I prayed with him I felt the touch of God Almighty. I began to believe in Isa Al-Masih and I believed that He is the Spirit of Allah and also Kalimat-ullah as mentioned in Surah Al-Anbiyaa' v. 91:

"And the Virgin Mary,  (God) breathed into her Our Spirit and made her AND HER SON (Jesus) a SIGN for all peoples.."

Also, from surah an-Imram v.45 :

"Remember when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! Allah hath given thee glad tidings of a word from Him, whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, Son of Mary, ILLUSTRIOUS in the World and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near to Allah..."

After I believed in Isa Al-Masih, every time I prayed, I smelled the fragrance of roses. He has also helped solved many of my problems. I saw His power. After I decided to follow Him, my life changed. Previously I was a very hot-tempered person but now I am a much more patient man. Before this I was a chain smoker but now I have been set free from the addiction to cigarettes. Praise be to God! 

Believing in Isa Al-Masih brings a assurance of salvation. This is proven in the Al-Quran Surah Az-Zukhruf 61 which states: "hazaa syiraa-tol mustaqiim", which means; "Follow Me, this is the straight path". Have you met this Straight Path yet ?

Hisham's testimony is indeed very interesting. Why did Hisham suddenly experience such things? From his testimony we can tell that Hisham is a person who desires  to be close with Allah. As promised by Allah in the Torah, Deuteronomy 4:29 ".. You will find him if you look for him with all of your heart and with all of your soul."

The desires of Hisham were met when Isa Al-Masih or Jesus Christ appeared to him. Who actually is Isa Al-Masih who could fulfil Hisham's deepest needs and answer his deepest questions?

In the Al-Quran surah An-Nisa' 171, states that Isa Al-Masih is 'kalimatullah' or the Word of God. This is one of His fundamental characteristics. God cannot be separated from His essential characteristics. In other words, the Word of God is essentially Allah Himself. This means that Isa Al-Masih is God Himself because as the Word of God, He cannot be separated from Allah. Furthermore it is also mentioned in the Al-Quran, that 'Isa will come to this world to judge mankind. Hadith Sahih Muslim also says: ' "Rasullulah mentioned :

"Wallahi! Layanzilan nabnu Maryam Hakaman a'dila"', which means :

"By the Lord! For sure there will return (come back) Jesus, Son of Mary to be the righteous Judge (of mankind)"

Why is it 'Isa son of Maryam ie.Jesus, the Son of Mary, who returns as the judge at the end  the World? Why not prophet Muhammad himself becomes the judge, as this era is supposedly the 'era of prophet Muhammad's followers' and not Jesus' a.s. And what is the position of Isa-Al-Masih to the extent that He will return as the Righteous Judge of the whole world? Just consider: what is so special about Isa Al-Masih compared with other prophets so much so that ONLY He is given such great authority? Anyway, only God can judge the world. If you were to really consider this carefully, this quite obviously reveals who Isa Al-Masih really is.

You too may yearn to be closer to Allah. Believe in Isa Al-Masih today and allow Him to take care of your desire. Isa Al-Masih promises to answer all your yearnings when you come to Him, follow His commands and accept His teachings. Come to him now!

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