Some Christians say that Jesus is God. Now God is immortal, then how can he die?
Also, they must realize that "Dead" means lifeless and devoid of all powers. So if he died, then someone else had to bring him back to life, since he is devoid of all powers. Therefore, he can not be God.

My answer:

Nowhere in the Bible does it say, "God died" as far as I can remember. I agree that would be paradoxical. God is the source of all life, he is life itself.

Do you believe when Muhammad died, his soul and spirit died? Or do you believe his body died and his soul is alive and in paradise?

God did not die, but the body, which he had taken on when he became human, this body died a real human death and a very cruel one indeed.

And Jesus was a real man, not like an angel who can take on "bodily form" for a while and then disappear again. Jesus incarnated into is body, he was conceived, he was born, he was real man. And as man, he was in anguish and suffered and was in pain on the cross. And the load of all the sin of the world on him, all "eternity of hell" on him, that did for sure give him the taste of forsakenness by God [the Father]. That Jesus was not really forsaken is proven by the resurrection. But since he took up our sin, he had the penalty of "God-forsakenness" and he cried out under it. I don't think any human being can imagine what it must mean to be judged by God for the sin of the whole world. And no human being would have to if he will accept the substitutionary sacrifice and offer of God to go free because of it.

Please keep in mind that I am a fallible human being and I am trying to answer to the best of my knowledge -- which is not perfect. I do not claim to be right in all I say. I am always glad about corrections to my answers or a renewed question that asks for more clarification where I stayed unclear.

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