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Christians Ask Muslims

by Gerhard Nehls


Why do the Bible and the Quran not agree
   What the Quran teaches about the Bible
   There are differences between the Bible and the Quran

Contradictions in the Quran
   The problem of abrogation (cancellation and replacement of Quran verses)
   Problems regarding the consistency of Quranic revelation

The Holy War
   The romantic ideal
   The materialistic purpose
   The opposing concept of Jesus

Total predestination or free will of man?
   Pre-ordained sin - but man's responsibility
   The witness of the Hadis to predestination
   The witness of the Quran to predestination
   Righteousness or mercy?
   Fear or love - which is the better motive?
   Allah directs believers

Why the Quran claims to be of divine origin
Five reasons

   The Christian answer to this

How the Quran was revealed

The collection of the Quran
   Omitted or lost passages
      eaten by domestic animal
      one whole sura lost
      another sura lost (with 'stoning verse')
      a verse connected with Al-Lat and Al-Uzza left out
   The adding of the verse 'blessed by Allah, the best of creators'
   There were differing texts
      four variant texts at Uthman's time
      different meaning through differing vowels being added
      examples of different readings
      seven variant forms used under Mohammed
      destruction of variant texts by Uthman
      final form given to today's Quran by A.H. 311

Proofs of the prophethood of Mohammed
   Miracles performed by Mohammed as a proof
   Prophecies attributed to Mohammed

"Produce a sura like it"

Mohammed - the warner of Arabia
   Mohammed did not at first claim universality
   The uniqueness of Jesus
   Mohammed, the 'seal of the prophets'
   All prophets are equal

The Hadith and the Sunnah
   The integral parf the Hadis in Islam
   The authority of Mohammed
   The need for the Sunnah
   The collection of Hadis
   The meaning of Sunnah
   The Sunnah regulates all aspects of the life of Muslims
   How Christians view the Sunnah
   The Christian alternative to the Sunnah
   Some practical cases of Hadis and Sunnah

The Sources of Islam
   Quranic concepts were taken from the Arabian past
   Quranic concepts taken from the Talmud
      Cain and Abel
      The visit of the Queen of Sheba
      Harut and Marut
      Seven heavens and seven hells
   Quranic concepts taken from the Gospel and Apocrypha
      Virgin Mary
      Holy Spirit
      The Miraj
   Quranic concepts from Eastern sources
      The Balances (Haqq)
      The Bridge Sirat
   Quranic concepts taken from the Hanifites

The ethics of Islam seen from a Christian viewpoint
   The status of women in the Quran and Hadis
   The concept of prayer

Evaluation of the challenge that Mohammed ought to be the model for all mankind
   The command to obey Mohammed
   Muslim objections to Western criticism
   A query about polygamy and concubinage
   Mohammed and his wives
      breaking of an oath
      revelation for personal advantages
      the story of Zainab and Zaid
      Mohammed's extended matrimonial rights
      his marriage to a minor
      jealousy among Mohammed's wives?
   Mohammed and his enemies
      Mohammed's dealings with the Jews
      Mohammed's dealings with the prisoners of Badr
      the murder of Ka'b ibnu'l Ashraf
      the murder of Ibn Abil Huqaiq
      the murder of Abu Afak and Asma

The mysterious 19 in the Quran
   An introduction to computerised numerology
   The claims
   The possibility of co-incidence
   Can one produce a sentence with 19 letters?
   Is there another book with numeric marvels? The Bible speaks.
      of the claims about Sura initials
      of the claim about the Bismillah
      problems of this theory:
         lack of chronology
         variant readings in the Quran
      the admission by Dr Khalifa
   Chart to Quranic numerology

We conclude
   Expected Islamic objections
   The reason for this study
   Comparison of Quranic and Biblical evidences
   The eternal consequences of truth and error
   What the Gospel actually means


1987 by Gerhard Nehls, all rights reserved.

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