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Christians Answer Muslims

by Gerhard Nehls


Allegations that the Bible is corrupt
   Does the Qur'an allege that the Bible is corrupt?
   Do Christian Scholars allege that the Bible is corrupt?
   Do Muslim theologians allege that the Bible is corrupt?

Definition of Revelation

Islamic Allegations and our Answers based on Evidence
   Why are there so many versions of the Bible?
   Alleged forgery, pollution, interpolation and contradictions in the Bible
   Contradictions in the Bible
   Objections to the Bible
   Do Christians believe in inherited sin?
   Bible obscenities and atrocities
   Unfulfilled Bible prophecies

Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled
   Some prophecies regarding Jesus
   The evidence of eye-witnesses
   Some prophecies regarding the Jews
   A summary of Jewish history showing the fulfilment of these prophecies
   Prophecies being fulfilled now

Islam disagrees with and rejects fundamental Biblical Revelation
   Islamic objections to the doctrine of atonement
   Islamic objections to the divinity of Jesus and His sonship
   Islamic objections to the doctrine of trinity
   Islamic objections to the crucifixion
   Historical evidences
   Islamic objections to the claim of the universality of Jesus

Alleged Prophecies in the Bible pointing to Mohammed

How the Bible came to us

The Gospel of Barnabas

Why are there so many Churches (Denominations)


What then is the Gospel?


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