Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

A Handbook for Bible-based Muslim Evangelism


John Gilchrist


[ Life Challenge Africa, PO Box 23273, Claremont/Cape Town 7735, Rep of South Africa ]



Part One: Old Testament Personalities and Prophecies

  1. Adam: The Man of Dust, the Man from Heaven
  2. Eve: Satan’s Three Great Temptations
  3. Noah: The First Herald of Righteousness
  4. Abraham: The Gospel that was Preached to Him
  5. Isaac: The Reflection of the Father’s Love
  6. Joseph: A Symbol of the Coming Deliverer
  7. Moses: Law and Grace in Sharp Contrast
  8. David: Prophecies of Death and Resurrection
  9. Solomon: Image of the True Son of David
  10. Isaiah: Behold the Servant He has Chosen

Part Two: The New Testament Lord and Saviour

  1. Jesus: Unique in the Qur’an and the Bible
  2. The Son of God: The Messiah, Spirit and Word
  3. Al-Masihu Isa: God’s Anointed Messiah
  4. The Love of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  5. Nuzul-I-Isa: The Second Coming of Jesus


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