(Balance of Truth)

C. G. Pfander, D.D.

Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged
W. St. Clair Tisdall, M. A. D. D.

The Religious Tract Society, London, England, 1910




In Proof That The Old Testament And The New Are The Word Of God, And That They Have Been Neither Corrupted Nor Abrogated.
I. Testimony of the Qur'an to the Bible 41
II. The Old Testament and the New have never been abrogated in (1) their facts, (2) their doctrines, and (3) their moral principles 55
III. The Old Testament and the New Testament which are now in circulation are those which existed in the hands of Jews and Christians in Muhammad's time, and to which the Qur'an bears witness. 77
IV. The Sacred Scriptures of the Old Testament and of the New have not undergone corruption, whether before or after Muhammad's time 101


Of Which The Aim Is To Set Forth The Principal Doctrines Of The Holy Scriptures, And To Show That Their Teaching Is In Conformity With The Criteria Of The True Revelation As Stated In The Introduction
I. A Brief Account of the Main Contents of the Bible 126
II. The Attributes of God Most High, as taught in the Holy Scripture 138
III. Man's Original Condition, his present fallen state, and his need of Salvation from Sin and from Eternal Death 141
IV. The Way in which the Lord Jesus Christ has wrought out Salvation for all men 155
V. The Doctrine of the Divine and Undivided Trinity in the Unity of God Most High 177
VI. The Life and Conduct of a True Christian 192
VII. A Summary of the Main Reasons for believing that the Old Testament and the New contain God's True Revelation 202
VIII. In what Manner the Christian Faith was propagated in the first few Centuries 214


A Candid Inquiry Into The Claim Of Islam To Be God's Final Revelation.
I. An Explanation of the Reason and Scope of the Inquiry 222
II. Does the Bible contain Prophecies concerning Muhammad? 227
III. Can the Language and Style of the Qur'an be deemed miraculous and be considered a proof that it is God's Word? 253
IV. An Examination of the Contents of the Qur'an, in order to decide whether these prove its inspiration 268
V. An Inquiry into Muhammad's alleged Miracles, in order to learn what Evidence in support of his Claim to be a Prophet of God is thereby afforded 306
VI. An Examination of certain Parts of Muhammad's Conduct, as referred to in the Qur'an and described by Muslim Historians and Commentators, in order to ascertain to what degree his Claim to the Prophetic Office is thereby substantiated 327
VII. An Inquiry into the manner in which Islam at first spread in Arabia itself and in the neighbouring lands 349
VIII. Conclusion 368

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